Friday, July 27, 2012

The New Bond Girl!

Anyone catch the Olympic Opener by any chance?!
I have never before been quite so disappointed that I wasn't British!
The most memorable moment?
The unveiling of the Newest Bond Girl, THE QUEEN!

I love this for obvious reasons!
We (USA) haven't had anything this awesome, since:

Even then... He just posed for a picture...
The Queen made an enterence by fucking JUMPING OUT OF A HEILOCOPTER!!!
Jealous America?

Well, you should be.

Bitch Please

Why is it that when someone are upset with another person, they always resort to name calling? Have we all not evolved from the playground yet?
At least no adult (hopefully) is going around calling others "poo poo head"
No, as age ascends the name calling gets cruder and harsher.
"Fucking Bitch"
"Stupid Cunt"
"Fat peice of Shit"

Oh that's really nice, thank you for your input on my life.
I just know I could never have lived without it...
In case you're wondering I'm rolling my eyes.

(good ole' fashion insults!!)

It's funny how strangers seem to think that their opinions in someone's life matters. As if they are so important and knowledgeable about everything that they have THE RIGHT to insult whoever and how ever they please.

I beg of you, If you're going to insult people get more creative...
use big words so that the people you're insulting doesn't necessarily realize that you are actually insulting them....
Oh wait, what am I saying?!?!
You don't have an extensive vocabulary, do you?
I'm so sorry I forgot for a moment that you are the cretin that thinks it's funny and appropriate to cuss at others to get you're frivolous point across that no one but you actually cares about.

See, just like that. There are better ways to make people feel bad about themselves.
You, as a bully, just have to learn how to do it correctly.
Take a lesson from Leonard Hofstadter, at least he knows how to insult!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Is GOTH Contagious?

I have a bad habbit of turning perfectly innocent people into lovers of the darkness!!!
I have noticed that the more time I am around a single person the more "alternitive they become.
That alone has led me to this one question,"Is GOTH contagious?"
Could someone's Macbre personality rub off onto another?
or does one have to be predesposed to such ghoulish behavior?

Take my Bestie Grey for example... When I met her she was wearing my little pony (the original) sweaters that her mom (what... an interesting character!) picked out for her...



Was it my influence that turned her over to the dark side?
Do I really hold the power of corruption?!
... I like to think I do but is that a reality?
She is just one example of the lives I have cast a shadow upon...

NAH, I think Grey is awesome all her own... maybe I was just what she needed to push her into the loving rebel I know today.

But who knows... maybe next time it will be YOU!
MWAHAHAHA *Maniacal Laugh*

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Goth Girl's SEXY Job!

Well maybe.. Today I had an job interview with Victoria's Secret. I would love to work in a place that sells sexy things. It's fucking sexual! 
Although I did noticed that on the other side of the store is the "Pink" section, geared toward teenaged girls... maybe that's where the sexualization that people talk about now-a-day is coming from?!

Having something like that in the same store as BRAS, PANTIES, AND LINGERIE! 
HA yeah.
And weapons kill, not people.
It's the spoon's fault I'm fat.
Well, anyway ... I hope I get this fabulous job!
Free discounted Undies, YAY!!!!

This was my interview look... I know I look pissed but really I'm excited that it went well.
My grandmother saw this and told me that my eye shadow didn't look natural. ... Um yeah, Grandmama, That's the point!  I'm surprised that she doesn't say anything about the eyebrow that I DRAW on everyday!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Rainy Day

I love the rain and lucky me it's been doing it since last night,  lighting too!
I was waiting for my grandmother in the car so I just sat and listened to Mother earth's music.
It was so peaceful!
I love exploring in the rain also. One can always find such beauty!

I found this mini waterful behind my favorite little Italian Resturant.
It was just so cute I just had to stop the car, get out (and dance alittle) in the pouring rain,
get my phone wet to take this picture! :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Look of the NIGHT

Most people doodle on paper, but not this girl. I doodle on my face and I like it that way! I love stars and I love the moon, why not put them on my face? (even though I already have a tattoo of it!)

Remember that it is a good thing to be different, to stand out. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you UGLY  becuase you don't. Don't let people tell you to be any different then what you are!
Who ever you are, you SHINE!

Goth Girls (and thier Kitties!)

There is nothing sweeter then the relationship between a goth and her cat. There is a reason why the stereotype for goth girls to always have a cat... because pretty much all goth girls do in fact have a cat or two! I know I am no exception and neither are any of my friends!

Emily the Strange

I believe the history of cats and the superstition that surrounds them might have something to do with it. Cats have always been revered, Egyptians worshiped them! (and rightly so!) They have an air of mystery. Yet at the same time some might actually "fear" them. See a black cat, and you'll have bad luck.

The most popular cat amongst goths, the black cat! Now, it might just have something to do with the fact that they match our outfits!
I personally have a Russian Blue called Natasha! (the best Russian spies are always called Natasha!)

                                                My Bestest friend Grace and her kitty Isis.

Or sometimes even the Queen Kitty her self is GOTH!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bats Day!!! (Goths at Disneyland)

So upon scouring the internet for pictures of myself, because let's face it I am incredibly vain, I stumbled across a website, purely on accident. It was a thumb nail on a different blog, but I thought the title sound pretty humorous so I clicked. This is what I found:
"Goths where they don't belong"

I was so shock, That's me in photo #2 ! This photo is 3 years old I believe, but I laughed none the less! Scaring children and giving them nightmares indeed! I was smiling! HAHA!
I find it interesting that people are so afraid or so put off by the gothic subculture on a whole. I guess some of us can look scary but I've never met a truly mean goth or anything of the sort.

There's some of my past Bat's day looks :
(by the way Bat's Day is Goth day at disneyland, with a few more ghoulish events!)




Friday, July 13, 2012

Make-up Look of the NIGHT

Today's make-up look was a tribute to the cutest Goth queen in the world, Adora Batbrat! Shes crazy and cooky and has the most ADORA-ble family one could ever imagine! Luck girl! She's a talented make-up artist and a beautiful model! Double lucky girl!
So I thought today, how about trying one of her creations, I think I did pretty well recreating it. Although I don't think anyone could match her perfectly!

 The "ElectroGoth Queen"

haha! I thought this look pretty good until I put it up against her picture! I shudder to up these two pictures next to each other! :p

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Most important part of your Look!

A good hair accessory could make or break a hair style. It can transform any style really into a long forgotten Romantic era or make it hellishly fun.
A good hair accessory can make you look daring, sophisticated, innocent, seductive, or goofy.
It all depends on what and how you wear you Hair do-dad.

What's for Breakfast?

A full and rounded breafkfest always includes a good book!
and a little bit of Sherrilyn can go along way.
So next time you think you have eough fiber on your plate, look again because I know there is no book infront of you!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Look of the Day

I was going out, so I got ready.
My motto in life is "If you're going to get dressed then dress up, never down."
I actually only went to the grocery store!

Supermarket Macbre

You know, I'm deffently not PETA (I wear too much leather for that) but I still dont like cruelty to animals.... well land animals. Small under the sea animals tent to gross me out. Birds are also on the list. So, I think if PETA whould slap me becasue instead of having sympathy for the poor food creatures... I point and laugh at them when they are still alive in the tanks. Hmm, why am I so mean?
Watch the creatures in Supermarket Macbre!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Make-up of the NIGHT

Spider Webbies make all Looks just that much ghoulier!

"Oh my gods! what ever shall I do?!"

                                                          How about eat your soul!

Monday, July 9, 2012

When bathing your pussies

It's always a good thing to make sure your pussy is always clean! Sure there are people that say that your pussies can keep them selves clean but I just don't agree with those hippies. I have always  believed that you pussy should always smell nice, like flowers, instead of like fish. EW! It's as easy as getting your pussy wet and then lather it up. After that though I have noticed that it takes forever for the pussy to calm down and be dry. Then after wards brush and style in the way that you wish, you can't go wrong with a pretty pussy! So, I implore everyone to WASH THEIR PUSSIES!!!

                                                   This was Mojo's first bath ever!

                                                     Natasha is the cutest thing ever!

                                             She is always so regal when she's clean!

Look of the Day

let's hear it over over exposure! nothing else can make my vampire skin   pale skin tone look so good!

Gotta rest after my work out... it takes up alot of engery to chase down those people... I hate it when the mind control dosen't work and I have to feed from people by force... umm I mean i went jogging..yeah jogging.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Book I'm currently reading...

Ahh, the Carpathian series by Christine Feehan. If you love dark, brooding and possessive men, then I do indeed recommend this book to you, little loves. This book is the story of Lucian, one the most revered and feared hunters in this universe and his lifemate, the spunky little cop, Jaxon. It's an interesting and fun read.
Want to learn more about the auther or the series? Then Click here and read!

Morticia Adams!

If you crave the touch of the dark arts and the Kiss of your true love. You dance the morbid tango with an air of mystery and live your life in the secrets of the shadows. Then you are Morticia Addams!
If you wish to look like the infamous lady then Watch This Video!